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  • Umbrellux DAO
  • Unbrellux® LCT
  • Cerenx® (Sodium Citicoline)
  • Adiposano
  • DynamEP
  • Lit-Control devicare


  • Histamine Intolerance (DAO Deficiency)
  • Lactose Intolerance
  • Strength and Vitality

About Diem Direct

Diem Direct, LLC is a specialized Dietary Supplement company committed to providing clinicians and consumers with clinically validated solutions for underserved and emerging health conditions. Formed by an international partnership of scientists, producers, and veterans of the US healthcare industry, Diem Direct is driven to supply safe and effective nutritional products that are supported by rigorous scientific evidence and meet the highest quality standards. Diem Direct’s directors bring over 60 years of combined experience serving practitioners and patients through physician-direct and consumer-direct channels. Through strategic partnerships and proprietary development expertise, Diem Direct is dedicated to providing healthcare practitioners, patients and consumers with exclusive, effective solutions that address common challenges not met by products currently available in the healthcare marketplace.

Cai Berg


Mr. Berg has more than 25 years experience with ingredients marketing in pharmaceutical and supplement industries. His work has forged strong long-term relationships with several key manufacturers in Europe and numerous sales and distribution outlets in the U.S. Mr. Berg founded Berg Imports in (2002).

Tim Prince

Chief Sales Officer

Mr. Prince spent 16 years in sales and marketing of Dietary Supplements at Pamlab, Nestlé Health Science, and Alfasigma, USA. For 11 years at Pamlab, he was a multiple sales award winner including MVP. He was a trainer of the sales force, and an advisor for sales management. For over 5 years in marketing, he was responsible for driving significant growth in both young and mature brands, building a world class stable of Key Opinion Leaders and earning the Visionary Award.

Kurt Cameron

Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Cameron has 25 years experience in the supplements industry. He previously served as product development director and marketing director at Swanson Health Products, launching hundreds of new products during his tenure. While at Swanson he also took an active role in providing product information and training support for the customer service center.

Featured Products


Adiposano® is a dietary supplement indicated for the dietary management of obese individuals with excess white adipose tissue and metabolic-related joint health concerns.


DynamEP™ AminoB12 contains pure DynamEP™ natural Young Tissue Fertilized Incubated Egg Extract amino acid complex with supporting MecobalActive® B12 and BioPerin® botanical extract, for optimal absorption.

Umbrellux™ LCT

Umbrellux® LCT is a natural-source, stabilized lactase enzyme supplement designed to help everyone enjoy dairy products without discomfort.

Umbrellux™ DAO

Umbrellux™ DAO is indicated for those with intolerance to dietary histamine, histamine sensitivity, and occasional digestive distress related to histamine-containing foods and beverages.

Umbrellux® XI

Umbrellux® XI provides xylose isomerase, a natural supplemental form of the enzyme that converts fructose to glucose in the small intestine.

Lit Control®

Lit-Control pH Balance, pH Up, and pH Down are dietary supplements indicated for the dietary management of uric acid, cystine, calcium, and infectious stones. Medical supervision required.


Cerenx® (sodium citicoline) is a dietary supplement indicated for the distinct nutritional needs of those experiencing age-related cognitive decline and related concerns.

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